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New CDN Start-up Focused on Operational Space Mission Requirements

          By Chuck Black

Andre Dupuis. Photo c/o SSCL.
A new Canadian start-up, focused on providing the knowledge needed to understand and work effectively with the legislative, regulatory and operational requirements surrounding current space missions, is hoping to parlay its extensive knowledge of those areas into a sustainable, private sector, consulting business.

At least that’s the intent of retired Canadian Forces (CF) Colonel Andre Dupuis who, until recently, acted as director of space requirements at the Department of National Defence (DND). Since retiring in July 2014, Dupuis has taken on a new role as the president and CEO of Space Strategies Consulting Ltd. (SSCL).

Our role in this new company is to match up operational end-users of space technology in the government and private sectors with scientists, engineers and others who can help those end users to more effectively accomplish their mission,” said Dupuis, during a recent interview.

In essence, SSCL is intended to serve as a facilitator and translator for scientists and engineers to help them understand the jargon, context and subtext often associated with military, government and private sector procurement requirements.

SSCL will be holding a seminar focused around an "Introduction to Space Applications," from March 30th - 31st in Ottawa, Ontario. As outlined on the SSCL website, the course is targeted at mid level public servants and others whose duties require an understanding of the complexities of the space environment from a regulatory and operational perspective. Topics covered will include the space economy, civil space (with emphasis on Canadian Space Agency requirements), national security space (with emphasis on DND requirements), the international space policy environment, space mission design, space sciences and exploration, satellite communications, surveillance of space requirements, Earth observation issues and satellite-based navigation. The course will also include an offsite visit to the Telesat Canada mission control centre plus a panel discussion with senior government space stakeholders. Graphic c/o SSCL. ESA, CSA, AGI & NASA. 

"We want to help people understand the paperwork and procurement people, and also help those procurement people to understand the technology so they can find the right tools to fulfill the mission," according to Dupuis.

Of course, Dupuis isn't working alone on this latest endeavor. Others involved in SSCL include:
D. Bancroft. Photo c/o SSCL.
Douglas Bancroft - With several decades of government service focused on the civilian and military applications of remote sensing, terrestrial monitoring, weather forecasting, operational oceanography, and maritime domain awareness, Bancroft has a proven record of connecting innovative experts to decision makers in industry and government. 
P. Boone. Photo c/o SSCL.
Peter Boone - An ex-Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) career officer with two tours with the US Air Force Space Command in Cheyenne Mountain as an orbital analyst and crew commander, followed by a stint as manager of the space surveillance network and seven years in Ottawa as a requirements manager, exploitation manager and project director in support of DND projects, Boone is well versed on the operational and regulatory requirements surrounding both civilian and military space missions. 
G. Gibbs. Photo c/o SSCL.
Graham Gibbs - The well regarded ex-Canadian counselor for space affairs and recently retired CSA representative to the US in Washington, DC is expected to help bring a measured, "political" perspective to any discussions he becomes involved with. 
Gabriela Gref-Innes - A 35 year veteran of Canadian government service, Gref-Innes' expertise resides in the field of international commerce, exports, government procurement and business development at a variety of government organizations, including Public Works and Government Services, the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development. All this expertise would certainly be useful to Canadian companies looking to market their innovations internationally. 
S. Hower. Photo c/o  SSCL.
Scott Hower - As the owner and  CEO of Colorado based Peak Space Solutions, Hower has been leading efforts to support US space security and defense programs by focusing on issues surrounding strategic shaping and deterrence issues. He is also a well known expert on space protection strategy, policy and doctrine, who has led large space operations programs and multi-million dollar space test activities relating to national security policy, technical analysis, missile warning/defense operations, offensive and defensive space control and situational awareness issues within a variety of government and business communities. All of which is a long winded way of saying that Hower brings a distinctly "American" perspective to discussions.
Scott Jones - Another 35 year veteran of the Canadian Forces, Jones' career has focused around the creation, operational use and support of military space, missile defence and intelligence capabilities. His most recent role has been space policy and strategic planning at National Defence Headquarters. Jones has also worked as an acquisition liaison officer at the US National Geospatial-intelligence Agency (NGA), a missile defence planner and missile warning center commander at NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center and as the research and development coordinator for the RCAF.   
F. Pickney. Photo c/o SSCL.
Frank Pinkney - With more than 25 years of space experience in planning, project management, and research and development, Pinkney has functioned as a space research engineer at the US Army Research and Development Engineering Center, the lead for space concept development and planning in the Directorate of Space Development (DSpaceD) and the leader of the Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) space systems group.

According to Dupuis, his teammates at SSCL are a good group to get to know if you'd like to "get something done."

The first real chance for those of us who haven't spent the last few decades in government service to do so, is an upcoming seminar focused around an "Introduction to Space Applications," which will be held by SSCL from March 30th - 31st in Ottawa, Ontario.

For more information, please visit the SSCL website.

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