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On top of crafting weekly news stories, which are posted online and distributed for free to Commercial Space blog subscribers, our current roster of available authors (including Commercial Space blog editor Chuck Black, along with regular contributors Brian Orlotti, Al Calder, Henry Stewart and others), are available to help you craft your corporate message for distribution.

And we don't just write. We can also push your message out to 1000's of North American newsrooms. We can even build an event around your area of expertise to help turn ideas and proposals into actionable information, business plans and revenue streams.

Below is a current listing of our offerings and standard rates.

For samples of our for profit commercial work, check out the November 30th, 2015 Special Report on GHGSat and the the May 13th, 2016 Waterloo Engineering article on the, "Next generation of advanced, low cost, intelligent antennas."

For more information, to sign up, or to design a custom package suitable to your needs, please contact Chuck Black at Chuck.Black@commercialspacemedia.com.

Generate Thought Leadership

Type of Work
Starting Rate
Description of Work
Standard Press Releases
$360 for 250 word press release
An approximately 250 word press release in a standard format on company letterhead suitable for distribution to press and wire services.
Bylined Articles
$500 for 500 word article.

$1 per additional word
An approximately 500 word bylined article by a Commercial Space blog author in electronic format suitable for publication in the Commercial Space blog and/or other news publications. 

Includes appropriate phone interviews and appropriate research.
Case Studies
$1500 for 1000 word case study

 $1.50 per additional word
An approximately 1000 word case study suitable for publication. Includes phone interviews and appropriate research.
White Papers
$6000 for 3000 word white paper

$2 per additional word
An approximately 3000 word white paper suitable for publication. Includes phone interviews and appropriate research.
$120 per hour standard fee
Strategy, recommendations and the development of specific campaigns around defined needs.
Public Speaking
Starting at $500 per event
Commercial Space blog authors are available to make presentations. Call for more information.
Copy Editing
$75 per 500 words
Copy editing, spelling and grammar correction.
Let’s Talk
Brochures, corporate documents, web-site content or development and/or lead generation services are also available. Call for more information.

Build Your Own Electronic Newsletter

Type of Work
Starting Rate
Description of Work
Initial Set-up Fees
Includes developing the primary electronic layout and using client records to develop the initial e-mail list
Monthly Ongoing Costs
$1440 monthly
Ongoing monthly layout and e-mail list maintenance plus basic content development and curation / re-purposing from existing sources. Based on a list of up to 5,000 names.
Custom Content Development
$1 per word
Standard rate. For additional pricing or to learn more, check out our Generate Thought Leadership chart or give us a call.

Increase Your Visibility

Type of Work
Starting Rate
Description of Work
A dedicated e-mail sent out to Commercial Space blog readers
$1000 per e-mail
We'll send out mutually agreed upon content in a dedicated e-mail to our Commercial Space blog list of over 2200 validated e-mail addresses belonging to science, engineering, mathematics and business professionals in industry, government and academia.
A 2nd e-mail sent out to 5000 newsrooms throughout North America
$5000 per e-mail
We'll send out content to all 5000 contact names on our dedicated media outlet list, most of whom aren’t included on the standard weekly e-mail list. 

The target list is focused on Canadian, American and European based news outlets and is updated quarterly.
Ongoing follow-up for e-mail distribution
Starting at $10,000
A targeted campaign consisting of multiple follow-up e-mails and phone calls to the newsrooms on our dedicated media outlet list  to enhance your outreach by encouraging news outlets to run the articles, and to extend your coverage via follow-up interviews.

This service includes a dedicated project manager who follows up on all requests to insure your message gets out to the widest possible audience. 

Organize Targeted Business Events

The Commercial Space blog also organizes and sponsor events to bring together industry experts for detailed in-person discussions, collaboration and networking on a wide variety of topics.

These events have included various conferences and tracks for the Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA), the Canadian Space Society (CSS) and contributions to larger events, such as the 2015 International Space Development Conference (ISDC2015).

We are currently working on events related to government, academic & private partnerships to fund space activities, new manufacturing technologies derived from space with terrestrial applications and research & development opportunities in micro-gravity.

For more information on our upcoming events, to learn more about our process for creating events or to design a custom package suitable to your needs, please contact Chuck Black at Chuck.Black@commercialspacemedia.com.


  1. What do you pay your authors?

  2. We pay pretty good. Why don't you give us a call and we'll talk.

    Contact information is on the "About page.

    1. Hi Chuck. Where is the About page? As a writer and aerospace engineer, I have the same question on how I can write for you guys.

    2. The about page is now called the Masthead.

      It was renamed to make the blog eligible for a Canadian Periodical Fund grant.

      The Masthead is at http://acuriousguy.blogspot.ca/p/about-author.html.

      You can write to me at mr.chuck.black@gmail.com. Look forward to hearing from you.

      Chuck Black


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