Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Canadian Space Stories Now Available!

Congratulations to SpaceRef.ca on the launch of their new and updated website at www.spaceref.ca.

A quick search shows a variety of original Canadian space focused articles from Elizabeth Howell (who’s written for the Globe and Mail, Air and Space/ Smithsonian, the Space Review and the Ottawa Business Journal), SpaceRef.ca Chief Architect Marc Boucher, Editor Keith Cowing and others.

I’ve even posted an article on the site titled “This Week in Space for Canada" for anyone who’d like to take a look.

Also of note are the articles listing Canadian Space Agency (CSA) postings for requests for proposals (RFP's) on the federal governments MERX website, which is a listing of Canadian public tenders, private tenders, U.S. tenders and private-sector construction news presently available through the Canadian government and it's respective agencies.

There is a burning need for the various, disparate Canadian space focused communities and advocates to tell their stories and build public awareness, create connections, grow community and publicize opportunities in the Canadian space sector.

I congratulate SpaceRef.ca for the steps they’ve taken to begin this process.

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