Monday, November 19, 2012

Earth Observation Express Provides Insight into CSA Activities

Anyone looking for insight into Canadian Space Agency (CSA) activities will find much useful information contained within the monthly "Earth Observation Express" newsletter.

As outlined on the website, the newsletter "informs and raises the awareness of managers, scientists and students regarding Canadian activities in the field of Earth observation (EO) from space."

It also provides some useful background on the intersection of business, the public and rocket science. For example, the most current newsletter (issue 56, dated November 19th, 2012) covers a number of items including:
  • Using RADARSAT-2 images to ensure that in-situ bitumen extraction in the Alberta oil sands is done safely.
  • A project examining the usefulness and value of using Earth images in monitoring and managing microbial risks associated with recreational waters.
  • How CSA and NASA cooperate to monitor the impacts of Hurricane Leslie on Newfoundland and Labrador.

For those looking for practical applications for Earth imaging satellites, this publicly available, monthly newsletter is a must read.

May it continue along on it's merry way.

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