Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Million People Looking to Network

Space conferences in the 1950's
I'd like to encourage readers of the Commercial Space blog to check out the Space Conference News blog, which I've just got up and running over the last few days.

While the focus of the Commercial Space blog will remain on the activities of the Canadian space systems sector, the new blog will focus on the international space systems sector, the millions of people involved in this sector and the hundreds of worldwide conferences they attend to network, job hunt and remain current in the industry.

Recent examples of these events would include:
Almost 1.7 million students receive their first degree (generally equivalent to a bachelor’s degree) in space related engineering, science or technology fields worldwide each year, according to the 2011 Space Report.

Most of them will eventually go looking for jobs and end up connecting with many of the approximately 14,000 government and private organizations also listed in the Space Report as being part of the international space systems industry.

This industry generated $276.52 Billion USD last year and employs over 300,000 people throughout the world who need to connect with these students because there are quite a few new jobs being created which need to be filled. After all, as mentioned numerous times before, the space systems industry is a growing concern.

The industry is also notoriously collaborative with narrow ranges of skills distributed widely across political boundaries. People involved essentially need to connect with others in order to fill in knowledge gaps, compare notes, exchange ideas, develop contacts and present findings for peer review or else nothing will ever move forward. 

So most of this group of two million will end up going to one or more of the 300+ yearly conferences that have grown up over the last 20 years to cater to the people and organizations involved in this industry.

The editorial focus of Space Conference News will be on providing an overview for the “educated, informed but not necessarily specialist” reader who works in the space sector and wishes to track conferences and activities.

This will be done by “intelligently aggregating” content and information from a variety of sources and then “filling in the blanks” with shorter, background sidebars which insure that the reader does not get lost in dense, jargon filled, journal type articles.

And I'll start by providing a weekly listing of upcoming and recently concluded space focused conferences and events in an easy to digest package suitable for industry, conference organizers and the “educated, informed but not necessarily specialist” reader we hope to cultivate.

Wish me luck. There are a lot of space conferences and very few of them are being independently covered.

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