Monday, August 29, 2011

Promoting Space Conferences on a Slow News Week

Those of us tracking the Space Conference News website will note today's large post of almost 40 space or aerospace focused conferences scheduled to occur next month under the title "Upcoming Events for the Month of September 2011." Of particular note to Commercial Space readers will be the Canadian events, which include:
  • The bimonthly Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA) meeting, focused on the “2011 Futron Space Competitiveness Index and How Canada Compares,” which will be held in Toronto, Ontario on September 8th.
CSSA logo.
September is only the start of the event season with more conferences normally being held as the fall turns into winter.

With the big Canadian space and technology focused conferences (such as the Canadian Space Summit, the 2011 Canadian Science Policy Conference and the Canadian Aerospace Summit) generally occurring in November, it's worthwhile to stay tuned, since there will be be lots to look forward to over the upcoming months.

But for most of us, except perhaps the people at BC based MacDonald Dettwiler (MDA) who were involved in the August 29th, 2011 Canadian Newswire press release "MDA to develop advanced technology instruments for planetary exploration," this is officially the last week of our summer vacation.

Let's get our and enjoy it.

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