Monday, November 11, 2013

The Growing Potential and Power of NewSpace Start-ups

          by Sarah Manea

A small New York based firm tracking the commercial space sector and capital markets, has investment lessons for all of us.

As outlined by co-founder and CEO Richard David during the first hour of the November 7th, 2013 edition of "The Space Show with Dr.  David Livingston," his company, NewSpace Global (NSG) is looking for investors interested in innovative companies like Space-X, Orbital Sciences, Virgin Galactic, Nanoracks, ClydeSpace, UrtheCast and others who are building viable businesses outside of the traditional investment areas such as software, pharmaceuticals and social media. 

Topics discussed during the program include the process of commercial space business evaluation, why NewSpace is no longer the place where "money goes to die," and the recently concluded NewSpace Investor Conference, held on November 5th, in Menlo Park California. 
Richard David with Franklin Moore at Mohave in April 2013. Photo c/o

The full interview is available online at and is indicative of the growing industry expertise in this area.

It's well worth listening to so check it out.

Sarah Manea is an aspiring astrophysicist, currently completing a specialist in physics and astronomy at the University of Toronto.

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