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The 65th International Astronautical Congress: September 29th - October 3rd, 2014 in Toronto According to Geoffrey Languedoc, the executive director of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI), his organization "is bringing the global space industry to Canada in 2014, starting with the heads of the major space agencies including NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), but also with commercial interests beginning with industry anchor sponsor Lockheed Martin Corporation, performances by space tourist Guy Laliberte's Cirque du Soleil and much, much more."

The intent is to create an international stage to show off domestic aerospace and space experts, businesses and scientists in order to promote their activities, build international connections and develop revenue generating business relationships.

Geoff Languedoc.
Languedoc knows what he's talking about. CASI is the local hosting organization for what is generally perceived to be the world's largest professional space conference, the upcoming International Astronautical Congress (IAC2014), which will be held next year in Toronto, Ontario at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, from September 29th - October 3rd.

IAC2014 is anticipating that 3500 delegates from around the world will attend the event and present upwards of 2000 papers in 18 parallel sessions and 300 interactive sessions on a wide range of topics related to space science, engineering and commercial activities. Dozens of other organizations will also participate through exhibits and sponsorships. The program for IAC 2014 will begin with the opening ceremony, which will feature a performance by the Cirque de Soleil, followed by a plenary panel with the heads of international space agencies presenting their programs for the future.

During a recent phone interview, Languedoc, who has taken on the role of general manager for the event, explained that his strategy is to "beat the bushes" to drive normally shy and reticent Canadian space organizations "out of the woodwork" and into the public limelight, at least for a few days next fall, so that the world can see the true Canadian strengths in this area.

Interested organizations may participate in the IAC2014 "Canada Pavilion," intended to convey the "full breadth and diversity of the Canadian space industry."

According to Languedoc, "space missions nowadays are almost always an international collaboration. the world is coming to Canada and space and aerospace have always been an international collaboration. There will be no better place next fall than Toronto to build these international connections. We must insure that our expertise is well represented and that Canadian space interests in academia, industry and government take full advantage of this opportunity."

According to Languedoc, developing new opportunities for private firms is especially important now that the market is in flux with traditional space agency budgets stagnating but new opportunities developing through non-traditional private firms like Space-X and Virgin Galactic. The signing up of Lockheed Martin in the unprecedented role of IAC "industry anchor partner" is an explicit recognition of the new importance of industry in this area.

Of  course, the IAC has always been an international event with IAC2013 recently wrapped up in Beijing, China and IAC2012 held in Naples, Italy. The last Canadian IAC was in Vancouver, BC in 2004 and was also organized by CASI, as was the first IAC ever held in Canada, in Montreal in 1991.

Those looking for more information, speaker updates or to participate in the upcoming IAC 2014 Canada Pavilion should connect with the CASI executive director at or call 613-591-8787.

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