Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feed Your Need for More Commercial Space News

Want more commercial space news? There might be a solution.

For those of us who hunger for more, it's worth noting that the Commercial Space blog also aggregates the best international stories on the web into the "More Commercial Space News" feed, which is updated on an ongoing basis, throughout the day.

These posts are also promoted via the @acuriousguy twitter feed, in order to provide a comprehensive and easy to access overview of international commercial space activities.

Here are just a few of the stories currently being tracked:
  • As a counterpoint to the Russian rocket story, NASA has issued another report focused on the equipment being developed  for future "beyond Earth" space missions. According to the August 27th, 2013 NASA Exploration Systems Division Quarterly Report, the "Orion, Space Launch System and Ground Systems Development and Operations programs continued to make progress towards sending humans beyond Earth's orb" which is all well and good just so long as no one looks closely at the July 30th, 2013 Space News article "NASA Defends Space Launch System against Charge It is draining the lifeblood of Space Program," which essentially says exactly the opposite. Only time will tell if either, neither or both of  these news stories eventually end up being correct. 
Of course, the More Commercial Space News feed also includes a great many article on Canadian efforts and activities that for one reason or another, haven't yet made their way into a regular blog post.
So to get the complete view, with many many more national and international stories, updates and links, check out More Commercial Space News by either clicking on the graphic below or else subscribing to the twitter feed at @acuriousguy.


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