Monday, September 17, 2012

"Mac" Evans to Speak at Canada on Orbit Gala

William MacDonald ("Mac") Evans, a 34-year veteran of Canadian public service, the key architect of the 1985, 1994 and 1999 Federal government space plans and Canadian Space Agency (CSA) president from 1994 - 2001, will be the keynote speaker at the 2012 Canada on Orbit Gala.

William MacDonald (Mac) Evans.

The event, a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Canadian built Alouette 1 satellite on September 29th, 1962, will take place on September 29th, 2012 at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, Ontario.

According to the April 25th, 2012 CSA press release "William MacDonald Evans Receives Canadian Space Award," Mr. Evans was instrumental in "spearheading the development of the Canadian Astronaut and RADARSAT programs, and negotiating Canada's role in the International Space Station and a number of international agreements which are the foundation of our current international partnerships."

The press release also quotes current CSA President Steve MacLean as stating that "Mac Evans has been at the heart of Canada's Space Program since the late 1960s. Outside of John Chapman, no other individual has been so directly involved in the leadership of our nation's space sector."

It's worth noting that Evans is the only person to have both presented (in his capacity as CSA president) and received the prestigious John H. Chapman Award of Excellence. The award is presented annually by the current CSA president to those who have a "great impact" on Canadian space activities.

In recent years, Evans has been affiliated with Policy Insights Inc, a Federal lobby firm focused on public sector procurement, industrial and regional benefits (IRB's), government policy development and the high technology sector.

It will be well worth attending the Canada on Orbit gala to hear what Mr. Evans has to say about Canada's past, present and future in space.

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