Monday, May 28, 2012

Space Jobs and Career Boards

Oddly enough, most Canadian graduate students interested in working in the space systems industry are likely going to end up working in either Europe or the United States for a few years until they've built up enough experience for Canadian organizations to be interested.

Here are a few useful places to begin the job search:
  • Jobs in Space - The global space industry forum for posting vacancy notices and resumes.
  • R4Space site - British based site focused on engineering careers for the growing aerospace defense security and space systems industry.
  • The Space Job Center - Czech Republic based employment service focused on the space industry founded in 2010 by "a group of professionals from different industries that transitioned to the space sector." Site is currently free but this notice indicates that the site owners will begin charging users once a "certain level" of daily traffic is reached.
It's also worth noting that the Canadian Auto Workers, Canada's largest private sector union, represents aerospace employees at Boeing Canada (Local 2169), Bombardier/ de Havilland (Local 112), Cascade Aerospace (Local 114), CMC Electronics, Magellan Aerospace/ Bristol (Local 3005) and Pratt and Whitney Canada (Local 510). Worth contacting to learn a little more about the range of opportunities available.

It's not rocket science, but it's close.


  1. After graduation everyone wants to get job. Start career with one of the best organization, with professionals which help him to learn and shine career.

  2. You may want to update your list. The JP Space Jobs website is no longer in operation.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. The JP Space Jobs site is indeed offline.

    I've updated the listing.


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