Monday, May 21, 2012

More Summer Reading for Space Geeks

In the same vein as my June 29th, 2011 post on "Summer Reading for Space Geeks" here are some interesting articles, websites, movies and publications which provide a bit of context to the current space debates happening here and elsewhere:

  • The Chapman Report – Canada is today an international leader in the fields of communications and remote sensing because of John Chapman (1921-1979) who was senior author of a report entitled “Upper Atmosphere and Space Programs in Canada.” The document, written in 1967 and now known simply as the “Chapman Report,” recommended using Canadian satellite and space technology for commercial activities such as communications and resource management instead of focusing only on scientific research. Over time, the report became “Canada’s Original Blueprint” for space activities.
  • Presentations from the Future In-Space Operations (FISO) Working Group - These are archived and peer reviewed studies (some with audio visual and power-points) for a variety of NASA approved concepts related to future in-space operations and activities.This site includes Dan King's presentation on the MacDonald Dettwiler (MDA) on-orbit satellite servicing proposal (under the title, Space Servicing: The Future is Now) and a variety of presentations on asteroid mining techniques and tools. The site provide a fascinating overview of what could be accomplished today with the proper budget.

    • The Space Report – The “authoritative guide to international space activities” published by the Space Foundation, one of the world’s premier nonprofit organizations supporting space activities, space professionals and education. The Space Foundation Introduction to Space Activities is also worth taking a look at.
    Of course, once the heavy reading is complete, it's always worthwhile to kick back with a short promotional video on one of the more interesting "high concept" near future space focused movies to come down the pipeline over the last few years.

    Unfortunately, this movie is not currently scheduled for release in Canada anytime soon. Anyone who'd like to change that is encouraged to link to the official Iron Sky website.

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