Sunday, August 02, 2009

Commercial Space Author "Going to the Beach."

I'll be taking a month off from the Commercial Space blog this August in order to go to the beach, recharge my batteries and do a little work for a new marketing blog I'm starting for a company called ITerro, which focuses on marketing automation.

Marketing automation is only one of multiple techniques used in advertising that aerospace and newspace focused organizations should be aware of in order to track clients and personalize targeted marketing messages so this is a definite opportunity to learn from experts including company owner Alek Mircovich and quite a few others knowledgable in this area.

I'm personally interested in learning a little bit about something called FundingMatch, a Canadian web portal that matches business plans to angel investors and funding mechanisms (it's structured in a very similar matter to the US based Space Angels website which focuses specifically on aerospace).

With a little luck, we'll get some good information on FundingMatch plus other useful case studies to pass along when I begin posting again in the fall.

Speaking of which, the Commercial Space blog will be back September 6th with updates and coverage of the 2009 Space Canada Symposium on Solar Energy from Space, the 2009 Canadian Space Summit and the 2010 SmallSat Canada Conference plus ongoing commentary on the Canadian aerospace industry, their partnerships and the politics surrounding those partnerships.

Until then, anyone looking for ideas for fun things to do at the beach or interested in some of our natural wonders might want to check out the video below.

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