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40+ Independent Alternative News & Opinion Outlets: The December 14th, 2020 Age of Ingenuity

As we move into the holiday season, the Age of Ingenuity has collected 40+ links, RSS Feeds and short descriptions of some of the best of the independent alternative news sites on the internet.

These links have already been collected and published on the Commercial Space blog in the right column under the headline "alternative News" but now seems like a good time to remind people that the "legacy" news isn't the only, or even the primary source of "real" news available today.

It's also interesting to note how many of these sources, sites and channels have recently been banned by YouTube and Facebook and how quickly the community is growing in spite of this censorship.

Sources cited in this episode include:
  •  A Warrior Calls – An interesting YouTube channel. It's not well known but provides good, “talking head” and live-stream overviews of most of the major issues of the day and a lot of philosophy. Much of the content seems to inform and influence the current Canadian freedom movement. Recommended, if only for the relaxing pace and philosophy.

  • BlackListed News – One of the granddaddies of the current wave of alternative news sites with a wide reach, interesting content selection and dozens of RSS feeds to other services.
  • Blacklock's Reporter – Ottawa based, pay-walled news service focused on the Federal government. Breaks many good stories which are often picked up by mainstream outlets. As for the paywall, even journalists gotta put food on the table. 
  • Canada Politics on Reddit – One stop shopping for a nice overview of what the legacy media is talking about on any given day.
  • CANADALAND – Owner/publisher Jesse Brown and staff provide independent overviews of Canada’s current news industry, along with commentary on current public issues. Useful, if you’re able to ignore the overt left wing site bias. 
  • Canuck Law – Sometimes "hit or miss" research, open source investigative journalism with stories going back to 2016. This site is critical of almost everything. !@#???!!! 

  • corbettreport – Journalist James Corbett is one of the founders and senior statesmen of the current alternative news movement. Since 2006 his website has been posting essential and well respected articles and video's for understanding our current world. Recommended. 
  • Diverge Media – A recent addition to this list. Two Toronto based talking heads. Hit and miss stories without a lot of context, nuance or sources mostly (but not always). However, they're young and at least attempting to tell "stories that matter." 
  • Druthers – Old style, tabloid formatted print publication focused around provincial and Federal politics, COVID and the great reset. First issue two weeks ago. Next issue expected in two weeks. Worth watching because print is permanent while internet stories could be censored tomorrow. 
  • Global Research – Edited by Michel Chossudovsky, a Canadian economist, author and conspiracy theorist (at least according to Wikipedia) at the University of Ottawa based Centre for Research on Globalization. Moderately academic.
  • Liberty Talk Canada – The BC based organizers of the weekly Vancouver Art Gallery protests. Organized the Liberty Network, an interesting group of local activists currently involved with a number of initiative. 
  • Michelle Rempel Garner – A Federal Conservative MP with a YouTube channel who sometimes has some interesting things to say. Probably more photogenic and trusted than her boss, current Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole
  • National Observer – Online traditional news stories without quite so much political spin.
  • – A major site focused around holistic health news but with lots of (mostly US based) political commentary. Heavily banned and not well liked by the mainstream, mostly because of its size, viewership and reach. The site receives seven million viewers a month even after being delisted and blocked from Google Search and several other web search engines.
  • OffGuardian – Well researched alternative news and viewpoints on a variety of important topics mostly shunned by the legacy media. 
  • One America News Network – Fast growing, well funded, conservative focused and US based news service owned by Herring Networks, a family owned and operated, independent media company.
  • Press For Truth – The home of well known BC based alternative journalist Dan Dix. Often banned and dismissed as "conspiracy theorist" but rarely equaled for his independent coverage of important events. Recommended. 

  • Rebel News on YouTube – Canadian based news service with a libertarian bent. Perhaps one of the few media organizations in Canada currently doing original work. Domestic and international correspondents covers worldwide Freedom protests and serve as a platform for small businesses and individuals fighting fines related to COVID lock downs. More traditional than it might think, but still recommended.
  • Right Edition News – Fronted by an old school crazy reporter with more than a passing resemblance to Kolchak: TheNight Stalker. The site started out as a gun rights advocacy platform but now focuses on a wide range of alternative and conservative topics.
  • Spencer Fernando – Another old school journalist, but far less crazy looking. Fernando’s willingness to speak the truth, at least from an anti-Trudeau, pro-traditional conservative perspective, has found a wide and growing audience,
  • Swiss Policy Research – A self described "independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit research group investigating geopolitical propaganda in Swiss and international media." The site often publishes on COVID at odds with legacy media accounts which accounts for the tendency to dismiss the site as a repository of "conspiracy theories." 

  • The Last American Vagabond – Another advocate of in-depth, long form journalism will multiple contributors and well researched and cited article. Similar in style and content to the Conscious Resistance Network, which makes sense because some authors have contributed to both sites. Recommended.
  • The Myth is Canada - An interesting weekly ZOOM based round-table with members of the various Canadian and international Freedom movements discussing their organizations, philosophies and upcoming events. Useful context for the struggle. 
  • The Observable Thing – Local, Toronto based videographer and YouTuber, who often records Toronto Ontario based protest marches and speakers focused on alternative, pro-freedom and anti-lock down topics. Recommended. An excellent source of visuals on the topic.
  • The Post Millennial – A sensible, well funded, reasonably fair and accurate organization, built on the model of the legacy media, but independent. Unlike most of the legacy media, Post Millennial even send actual reporters out to protests sometimes, an activity which allows their reporters a far greater access to new ideas and what's really happening.
  • The Western Standard – Solid old-school western Canadian perspectives. An “independent source of news and commentary fighting for a strong and free Western Canada, committed to the truth even when it hurts, and forever pledged to refuse government funding.” Recommended, if only for its western perspective.
  • Timcast – Mostly just one guy ranting and commenting on the legacy news. But he’s very good at it and has a great deal of experience and expertise as a journalist. Recommended. 

  • Tommy Rodgers – Another local Toronto based independent videographer and YouTuber, who often records GTA based protest marchers and speakers focused on alternative and anti-lockdown topics. Great primary source material.
  • Vaccine Choice Canada – Advocacy and resource site for data on current vaccination programs in use in Canada. Often seems to act as a coordinating agency for others including constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati and the House of Commons E-Petition to support Canadian rights for informed consent  and insure vaccine safety (Petition e-2961 on "Human Diseases").
  • Viva Frei – Montreal based lawyer with great perspectives on Canadian and international legal issues. Like any good lawyer, he talks really, really fast.

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