Monday, June 29, 2020

Innovation by Press Release: The June 29th 2020 Edition of the Age of Ingenuity

We live in a world where innovators can’t get funding without sending the right press releases to legacy media dinosaurs who mostly don’t have the resources to fact check the content. Welcome to the June 29th, 2020 edition of the Age of Ingenuity.

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"Age of Ingenuity" tracks Canada's "innovation ecosystem," the organizations, agencies and individuals attempting to turn innovative Canadian start-ups into world class, billion dollar "unicorns," able to anchor industries and create jobs.

Age of Ingenuity Credits

Producer and Host - Chuck Black
Host and Contributor - Brian Orlotti
Host and Contributor - Al Calder
Associate Producer and Contributor - John Penturn

Music: Freesound House Flow by Jaturo licenced under a Creative Commons 0 Licence.

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1 comment:

  1. John Penturn here, a producer of AOI.

    We get into how the Science/Pres dichotomy plays out. This is a favourite subject of mine. You'll notice Chuck exudes more passion then usual here, as he expresses skepticism on certain aspects well worth noting. It's easy to see he's never relied on press releases during his career or allowed his journalistic reporting to be abused in them. This is obviously intrinsic to him as he guides us through the critical minutiae of it.

    Al the eternal contrarian asks the essential whys & Brian as usual grounds everyone with forgotten common sense.

    The press is incontrovertibly essential, but that also makes it a double edged sword. Every part of the ecosystem is vital, which means different parts are necessarily going to vie with each other & we certainly get into that on this show. Ridley the innovation guru, reminds us that the there is valuable growth to be made at the other end of the spectrum to the oceanic tech monopolies & government funding so we remind you of that. Google belatedly & grudgingly (even more then Facebook) is beginning to begin to acknowledge that the pres is is essential to a livable society, all democracy & a higher good. We know this because they're giving the thing they value most - money to it but of course three's no fee lunch. But clearly a freer on then previously & one that feeds our proverbial souls. We'll have to see at what rate this continues. One thing's for sure. We'll definitely keep you posted on this & other nearly as vital issues.


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