Friday, October 05, 2018

Moon Express and Blue Origin are Bringing Jobs to Florida

          By Chuck Black

Two recent news stories note that the current commercial space renaissance is generating significant amounts of new jobs along Florida's Space Coast.

As outlined in the October 3rd, 2018 Orlando Sentinel post, "In a 'significant step,' Blue Origin is building a second facility on the Space Coast," Kent WA based Blue Origin has entered into an agreement to build a new $60Mln US ($75.5Mln CDN) testing and refurbishment center in Exploration Park, the state-run complex near Kennedy Space Center where Blue Origin is already building another $200Mln US ($258.5Mln CDN) rocket factory, set to open early next year.

According to the post:
The new testing and refurbishment complex will create about 50 jobs with estimated annual wages of $70,000 US ($90,000CDN), plus benefits, according to Space Florida’s board of director meeting agenda. The board approved Space Florida to enter into an agreement with Blue Origin regarding the facility last month.
The company, led by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is building its New Glenn rocket in Florida and plans its first launch in 2020.

A second story published on the same day in the same news outlet suggests that Blue Origin isn't the only space company generating jobs in Florida.

As outlined in the October 3rd, 2018 Orlando Sentinel post, "Thanks to new funding, Moon Express plans to add dozens of new jobs on the Space Coast," Cape Canaveral FL based Moon Express has committed to build out its facilities at launch complexes 17 and 18 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Those renovations to the former United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket pads will likely create about 50 new jobs, "increasing to about 100 or more" as the company ramps up its planned Lunar mission activities, according to the post.

As outlined in the June 5th, 2017 post, "Only Seven Years after Bob Richards Left Canada, His Rover is Going to the Moon," Moon Express CEO and co-founder Dr. Robert "Bob" Richards is a Canadian expat entrepreneur with an extensive resume in Canada's space sector, including a stint as director of the space division at Toronto ON based Optech (now known as Teledyne Optech).

Richards left Canada in 2010.
Chuck Black.

Chuck Black is the editor of the Commercial Space blog.

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