Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute Has Begun Posting Recorded Sessions From CASI ASTRO'18

          By Henry Stewart

The Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI) has begun posting recorded sessions from it's recently concluded ASTRO'18 conference, held in Quebec City from May 15th – 17th, 2018.

CSA president Sylvain Laporte (left) giving the ASTRO'18 keynote presentation in Quebec City, PQ last week. On the right is CASI President Dr. Jacques Giroux. Check out Commercial Space blog editor Chuck Black's question to Laporte, beginning at the 39.15 mark of the video. Photo c/o CASI IASC YouTube.

They're on the CASI IASC YouTube channel and are well worth checking out. Posted sessions include:
  • The Director General (DG) Panel Discussion on CSA Updates and Opportunities, with Dr. Jean-Claude Piedboeuf (the CSA DG of space science and technology), Eric Laliberté (the CSA DG of space utilization), Gilles Leclerc (the CSA DG of space exploration) and Mary Preville (the CSA DG of policy). This session was moderated by CASI president Dr. Jacques Giroux.
  • Perspectives on the Future of Canada's Space Sector, a panel discussion between CSA president Laporte, Mike Greenley (the group president of Brampton, ON based MDA, a MAXAR Technologies subsidiary), Ewan Reid (the president and founder of  Ottawa, ON based Mission Control Space Services) and Dr. Kaley A. Walker (a professor of physics at the University of Toronto). The panel session was also hosted by CASI president Giroux.
All things considered, the video's are essential viewing to get a sense of the CSA's current leaders and their roles. 

Henry Stewart is the pseudonym of a Toronto based aerospace writer

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