Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Website Tracking International NewSpace Startups

          By Chuck Black

One of the more interesting and offbeat sources of publicly available information on space focused startups is NewSpace Ventures, a website which tracks "lesser-known companies, organizations, programs, & projects shaping the NewSpace Industry."

November 27th, 2017 screenshot of the NewSpace Ventures website. As outlined on the website, the intent of the project is to "share, discover, and discuss new and interesting NewSpace products and companies to spur excitement, generate ideas, and further entrepreneurial NewSpace ambitions." Graphic c/o NewSpace Ventures.

The current website compiles publicly available information on over 1400 companies, products, projects, programs & services from over 60 countries. The information was collected by a small group of approximately 60 people operating mostly independently.

The site is less than a year old and is administrated by John W. Tucker, a manager at Hawthorne, CA based SpaceX. In a March 5th, 2017 Linked-In post, "Announcing: NewSpace Ventures," Tucker explained:
I'm always searching for new, compelling businesses cropping up from the fast growing NewSpace Industry. As a space enthusiast, I believe it’s important to always be looking toward the future and follow market and industry trends. Seeing the new products, services, and capabilities can reveal new insights and inspire new ideas. And the earlier you discover them, the better. 
So, I 'm assembling an invite-only group of space enthusiasts with a simple goal: share, discover, and discuss new and interesting NewSpace companies, products, and services...
Available data includes corporate names, websites, twitter feeds, a description of their product/ services/ product segment and a preliminary list of government rules/ regulations relating to the firms products or services.

Although far from complete, it's well worth checking out to get a sense of the opportunities available to entrepreneurs interested in participating in our next great space age.
    Chuck Black.

    Chuck Black is the editor of the Commercial Space blog.

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