Monday, June 06, 2016

Phil Lapp Papers now Posted on the Space Library

          By Henry Stewart

Phil Lapp. Photo c/o Space Library.
The Burlington, Ontario based, has announced that it has uploaded over eighty documents, originally written by Dr. Philip A. Lapp (b.1928 - d.2013), one of the pre-eminent Canadian drivers of our current space age, to its online repository.

The uploaded items include a 1972 document titled "A Space Policy For Canada," a 1976 document on "Satellites And Sovereignty Control," a 1977 "Market Analysis For Remote Manipulator Systems," a 1983 document on the "Application Of Space And Remote Sensing Technology To The Verification Of Weapons Systems For Use In Outer Space," a 1990 report on the "Benefits Of Rocket And Small Satellite Programs" and many more. 

Lapp began his career at the De Havilland aircraft company in Downsview Ontario as senior project engineer in the guided missile division. 

He was instrumental in the founding of SPAR Aerospace, the construction of Alouette (Canada's first satellite), the RADARSAT project, the Canadarm and many other programs.

He would go on to win the Order of Canada and co-author the legendary "Chapman Report" on Upper Atmosphere and Space Programs in Canada with J.H. Chapman, P.A. Forsyth, and G.N. Patterson in 1967.

Between 1958 and 1991, Lapp would write reports for industry and government on potential Canadian launch sites, remote sensing, Mars exploration, space station usage, space robotics, direct broadcast television, arctic ice formation, nuclear power and many other subjects.

The in conjunction with his widow, Mrs Colleen Lapp is proud to make these important documents available to researchers and historians.

To learn more, please visit Subscriptions start at only $5 CDN with no obligation to continue past the first month. Help us preserve these important pieces of Canadian history.

Henry Stewart is the pseudonym of a Toronto based aerospace writer.

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