Monday, May 18, 2015

Things to Do in TO, When You're Buzz Aldrin

          By Chuck Black

It's difficult to believe, but one of our greatest living space advocates was once known by an earlier generation for just being the second man to walk on the Moon. 

Buzz Aldrin explaining to Ali G (played by Sasha Baron Cohen) that astronaut Neil Armstrong and not musician Louis Armstrong,  was the first man to set foot on the Moon. Later in the interview, Aldrin said that he was not jealous of Michael Jackson, even though Jackson had received the credit for the "Moonwalk," dance while Aldrin had only walked on the Moon. Screenshot c/o Ali G in the USAiii

Eighty five year old Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin Jr., a strong practitioner of the William Shatner School of not taking oneself all that seriously (even when engaged in serious discussions), will be in Toronto this week as part of the National Space Society’s (NSS) annual International Space Development Conference® (ISDC), which is being held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Toronto.

Here are a few of his recent and more memorable moments.

In 2010, Aldrin competed as a contestant on the ABC television series "Dancing with the Stars." According to Aldrin, dancing is a more "rapid" activity than Moon walking and doesn't have a lot of the floating about normally indicative of lower gravity environments.

As outlined in the March 23rd, 2010 article, "Buzz Aldrin Moonwalks for 'Dancing with the Stars' Debut," Aldrin's dancing was generally considered inspirational, if only because of his age as compared to that of some of the other competitors.

Early in 2013, Aldrin announced his partnership with the Axe brand of personal care products to promote the Axe Apollo Space Academy, a contest to fly sub-orbital space missions aboard the still being built XCOR Lynx spaceplane.

Under the tagline, "Nothing beats an astronaut, ever," the campaign, evidently targeted at high school and university males without a significant romantic relationship, ran throughout 2013. As outlined in the February 13th, 2013 post on "The Buzz Aldrin Show" the campaign even initiated a certain amount of controversy.

As discussed in the December 8th, 2013 article, "23 Axe Apollo Fans with the Right Stuff Win Free Space Trips," two women and twenty one men from twenty one different countries eventually ended up winning the contest.

One day, they may even go to space if the XCOR Lynx spaceplane ever becomes operational.

That same year, Aldrin paired up with singer Thomas Dolby to perform Dolby's song "She Blinded Me With Science," at the 2013 Smithsonian conference on "The Future is Here."

Although focused mostly on the great triumphs and potential future innovations expected from science and technology, the conference also provided a forum for Aldrin to get down and have a little fun while promoting "SCIENCE!!!!"

In 2014, Aldrin even provided his likeness and portions of his history to Jockey International for a whimsical commercial suggesting how much more Aldrin could accomplish with the right underwear.

What does Aldrin plan for Toronto? For that, you need to check out the ISDC 2015 website, which is available online at

Enjoy the show.

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