Saturday, January 05, 2013

COM DEV Receives $11M Satellite Contract from MDA

COM DEV operations. From the 2011 Annual Report.
Cambridge based COM DEV International has been awarded an "authorization to proceed" from Richmond based MacDonald Dettwiler (MDA) to deliver Ku-band and Ka-band multiplexers, switches and microwave components for a commercial communications satellite scheduled to be launched in 2014.

But while the typical authorization to proceed normally comes only with the promise of future payment, the January 2nd, 2013 article "Com Dev wins contract worth $11 million," stated unequivocally that $5.1 million CDN had also been released by MDA to cover initial engineering and procurement activities relating to the order.

According to the article, the completed contract is expected to be worth $11 million CDN in total.and includes an option for a replacement flight set of equipment that would be worth an additional $10 million CDN. The work will be done in Com Dev’s Cambridge plant and the company said it expects to complete the initial contact by November, 2013.

Expect more details on the deal to come out when COM DEV releases its quarterly earnings report on January 10th.


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