Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Schools out for Summer

I'll be taking the taking the next month off from writing so I can recharge my batteries and go to the beach. The Commercial Space Blog will return with all new articles on Tuesday, August 14th.

Of course, its not quite as if nothing more will get published from now until August 14th.

The Space Conference News (SCN) and Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA) websites will continue to function normally. The next SCN post (covering the August 2012 period) will go up on July 15th and subscription service members will receive their latest edition (covering the period from August until October, 2012) at the same time.

I'll likely also be posting CSCA submissions to the Aerospace Review written by Adam Trumpour ("Fostering Innovation, Creating New Markets: Novel Approaches to Space Policy and Programs"), Arny Sokoloff ("Creating an Indigenous, Canadian Small-Satellite Launch Capability") and myself ("Using Tools from the Mining Industry to Spur Innovation and Grow the Canadian Space Industry") on the CSCA website over the next few weeks.

The twitter feed (@acuriousguy.com) will also continue to function.

As well, the 2013 edition of the Futron Space Competitiveness Index, should be available over the next few weeks and I've made a few minor contributions to the section on Canada (which is evidently enough to get me listed as a "contributor" to the publication).

And finally, I'll also be contributing articles to the latest issue of the NewSpace Global (NSG) monthly publication, titled "Thruster." NSG is an information services provider that brings "timely, accurate and critical information regarding the commercial space sector (i.e., "NewSpace") to the financial industry so that our clients can make more informed business decisions" and I look forward to helping them with this mission.

Enjoy your summer. I look forward to reconnecting with everyone next month.

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