Sunday, May 31, 2009

Canadian Universities Engaged in Space Focused Research

According to the Canadian Space Agency Office of Commercialization “approximately 80% of the CSA budget is contracted out for projects involving industry, universities and specialized research institutes.”

Canadian Universities with departments and facilities focused on aspects of the space and aerospace industry include but are not limited to the following:
According to Canadian based management consulting firm Athena Global, universities “have played a leading role in developing missions, whether in the area of atmospheric sensing, solar-terrestrial relations, space astronomy, or microgravity and life sciences.”

“Hot button” issues affecting co-operation between the CSA and educational facilities relate to technology transfer from universities to industry (which are difficult given the CSA’s habit of requiring that CSA funded projects turn over developed intellectual property to the CSA) plus CSA synergies with other academic funding mechanism’s (since funding generally comes from multiple sources and needs to be coordinated).

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