Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Scientific Publishing & Academic Life Both Suck: The July 27th, 2020 Age of Ingenuity

Scientists are collecting more data than ever before but they’re not necessarily publishing their findings in peer reviewed journals.

Instead, they’re using using open-access publications, pre-publishing services without peer review and even twitter and other social media tools to set themselves up for future funding, rather than Nobel Prizes. We're going to take a look at that and also consider the future of universities.

Sources cited during this episode include the following:

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Associate Producer and Contributor - John Penturn

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1 comment:

  1. John Penturn here, Associate Producer of AOI - on the thoughts behind the expressed thoughts in the show:

    The inner most nature of truth is being explored today & how it manifests in real time. What are the first principles of truth? They're mostly expressed in scientific form in at least some discernible way & w celebrate & bemoan that simultaneously today. Money of course in the most practical terms, makes the administration & dissemination of science possible. As always in such things, that makes it a double edged sword. For all our complaining, the absolute in the service of the highest good is always yearned for & sought. Journalists are the in effect the designated high priests (who rightly view themselves as trying to be that - the odd rogue priest aside) who try to make it intelligible. They of course fall short of perfection & we grind our teeth at any perceivable gap, as we should. I think it fair to say they do their best to muddle through the jungle of data they're presented with. Perfection is as always the enemy of the good but the battle must still be eternally fought & at least partially won.

    The public here has considerable responsibility here as well to:

    1) Support journalism (definitely including financially)so pressures do not overwhelm it.
    2)Being minimally skeptical (but never cynical) concerning the preliminary nature of the science & all the hurdles jumped by the pres to accurately summarize it.

    Science too has a responsibility as well to make it intelligible. An above repute intermediary board, between the journals & the public is plainly called for. What complicates it (a we suggest in the show) is the lack of transparency concerning the robust examination we mention of their source data. It appears the obsessive secrecy of Facebook, Amazon etc concerning their data has spread to science a well with all the deleterious effects there as well. Clearly it's a problem screaming for a better solution. What is then inevitable is one will be found. A matter of when - not if.

    Universities is where science & much else is almost completely birthed & they're having their own issues. The primary issue just now is the lack of the experiential as they all tun into zoom relations just now. All studies show a 40% drop in empathy with to little in person communication. Given its our most powerful instinct (there to perpetuate the species, encouraging procreation & all morality &Love derive from it) that's quite the flaw. Al says no one will make love via zoom & the truth of all related has been manifesting for years. Those in their teens & twenties, studies confirm are having vastly less sex, lower attention spans & more.

    As always we know solutions will be found & life lessons learned. Our motto of always skepticism, never cynicism continues to be at our core at AOI. We'll explore that next week & your comments on mine or the show ALWAYS welcome!


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