Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Twitter Alternatives, Mesh Networks & Jim Balsillie in Action. The July 21st, 2020 Age of Ingenuity

Twitter insists that their employees were “manipulated” by sinister outside “hackers” who took over hundreds of twitter accounts on Wednesday, scooping up private data and bitcoins while making a nuisance of themselves.

And Jim Balsillie, the Canadian businessman, philanthropist and pillar of our innovation ecosystem, has plans for Canada's current intellectual property regime...

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Host and Contributor - Al Calder
Associate Producer and Contributor - John Penturn

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  1. Part 1

    John Penturn here, Associate Producer of AOI on the thoughts behind the thoughts expressed in the show.

    Twitter Is our collective unconscious made very real indeed & in real time, too real to often - as we comment on. Yes the FIRST syllable in its name that appears to apply arguably more often then not, some would argue (as we do here. That makes it very much a double edged sword however. The bad being the addiction it represents, along with other forms of sm & the internet in turn linked to psychological issues linked to it that can be incredibly (the right word) profound - & widespread to the aforementioned incredible degree. The World Health Organization & others just as respected says 1 in 4 everywhere will suffer at lest one, major, psychological breakdown (from which many may recover to various degrees)in their lifetime. Due in significant part to typical overuse of sm/internet/smartphones that many studies indicate cause a 40% drop in our most powerful biological instinct, empathy (there for the perpetuation of the species). We're intrinsically social creatures to encourage procreation but with our overdeveloped imaginations this can be a problem at times. A Brian so eloquently put it today interestingly buttressed as per usual by Chuck & Al. The grand bargain we make to powerfully use our technology more then it does us was never more poetically or eloquently expressed then by the fictionalized, legendary lawyer Clarence Darrow defending the teaching of evolution played by the just as legendary actor, Spencer Tracy in this clip. Skip ahead to the 4 minute mark where in 30 seconds he describes the grand bargain perhaps better then anywhere else known >

    The bargain needs to be made as he so magnificently points out. In this instance thee are clear signs of a brighter more luminous future for Twitter & the fruits of it just beginning to begin to manifest. Yes, "it not being the publication of record" has often been at least crucial as Brian states but there are signs of civilization civilizing it (at least meaningfully more so). Instead of the doubling of characters making it twice as bad or worse, its actually increasing civility studies show. More are saying Please & thank you & in full because they now have the characters to "waste". Less abbreviations overall as the English language is not so obviously corrupted & more general respect results. The more deliberative nature of it is emphasized & more deliberate, less reflexive explosiveness results. When the current President is using it less (or not a President) that will only increase. We're living in adventurous times but as is so easy to forget, adventures were not designed to be easy fun - but (as our 3 musketeers would & do affirm).

    Which naturally takes us to the expression of ideas in less volatile ways that can & should be harnessed far more resolutely so we can completely appropriately monetize them. As a high end headhunter I've often enogh worked with Intellectual Property firms or related issues. It can be quite the jungle with it used extensively to reverse engineer successful HW designs of others, just short of infringing their IP.

  2. Part 2

    Then there are patent trolls that require fabulous smarts & a lack of ego to deal with. Many feel Basille fell short here when he failed to settle a law suit early on for 5 to 10% of the 600 million RIM eventually paid. Would RIM have had the funds to last longer & ultimately be far more successful if he had? In any event he's back & just as assertive or combative depending on your outlook.Both I'd say & we imply as much in the show. One quick aside: While major U.S, companies love to recruit Canadians, often they are very reluctant to move & don't necessarily have to. I was once the main headhunter for the no.2 hard drive maker in the world & their premium & irreplaceable mixed-signal semiconductor design team was in Ottawa. They wanted them to move to the U.S. but they didn't want to so they left them there. I tried to recruit every one & managed not to alienate them in the process. It resulted in them recommending me to their Director of engineering to hire me to find critical personnel & they became my client at that point. It's one of many similar stories of Canadians staying put & U.S. companies saying fine.

    Any comments to me are always welcome & responded to. Any great show ideas wil be passed along & if we really like them will make you an honorary produce for that show & of course put you in the credits & give you an on air mention.

    Stay in touch!


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