Thursday, March 08, 2018

Caught Up With the Commercial Space Blog? Then Check Out Our European Partner, Space News

         By Henry Stewart

Caught up with the business and entrepreneur focused organizations; educational facilities and government departments, advocates, activists and groups which are either involved directly with or else help indirectly to support Canadian and international space activities?

Find out more about ISS activities by checking out the March 8th, 2018 post, "Plant and Flame Studies Alongside Plumbing, Life Support Work," which covers Expedition 55 crew experiments with how plants adapt to gravity. Photo c/o NASA.  

Then check out our European partner, the space news website, and it's aggregation site, the Space News, Daily, which together cover space agency, space flight and space probes / telescopes data news.

Since 2010, space news has been providing detailed coverage of science and space focused activities and experiments on board the International Space Station (ISS) and in other areas.

Recent, original content on the site has included the March 8th, 2018 post, "NASA Outlines New Lunar Science, Human Exploration Missions," the March 8th, 2018 post, "Earth is a Beaming Beacon in Kepler’s Eyes," and the February 23rd, 2018 post, "On Second Thought, the Moon's Water May Be Widespread and Immobile." editor Roland Berga and Commercial Space blog editor Chuck Black also collaborate on the long-running Canadian Space Agency Fans Group Facebook page, which helps to push our stories out to a larger audience.

To learn more, simply click on one of the links.

Henry Stewart is the pseudonym of a Toronto based aerospace writer

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