Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Space Archaeology, Spy Satellites & "Anomaly Hunting." The July 6th, 2020 Edition of the Age of Ingenuity

Spy satellite technology originally commercialized by the mining industry is being used by archeologists to find and inventory 10,000 year old underwater mines in central America.

We’re going to take a look at those tools and discuss the algorithms which run them.

Sources cited during this episode include the following:
  • The undated National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Ocean Service page titled "What is lidar?" Retrieved July 5th, 2020.

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Age of Ingenuity Credits

Producer and Host - Chuck Black
Host and Contributor - Brian Orlotti
Host and Contributor - Al Calder
Associate Producer and Contributor - John Penturn

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  1. AOI Associate Producer John Penturn here commenting on the some of the biggest questions there are & why we use the tools & technology described to pursue answers to them with such fervour. "Who are we, collectively (& then individually)? Where do we come from & what were we? It's not as if we can look back 10,000 years or more & see what human civilization was & how it worked & prospered - unless we can. Well we have the tools to get a good look & our on air triumvirate points out, it's fascinating primeval stuff. The oldest substantial evidence of civilization was previously around 4700 years ago of the oldest pyramids & this ha easily more then doubled that no. The guys mention ancient India,South America, Egypt & of then bring it back to (not quite so ancient but still fascinating to us) Canada that's just the beginning. In all seriousness is Atlantis next? Many serious scholars think it may very well be. WE no longer put people in billion dollar rockets i.e. Apollo & shove them into space to explore. First we look inwards & see where we come from & only then do we explore space far more cheaply & safely using the same tools. It's a new frontier Y whiz kids kike the 15 year old discussed will be the new tech entrepreneurs of tomorrow

    One thing's for sure,wildly interesting discoveries about ourselves are definitely coming in the next few years.

    What made these advanced civilizations advance was the aspect of brainpower we explore in our second story. Pattern recognition which humans have on levels that obviously make us the preeminent species. What happens when we push the envelope & try to see the deepest patterns, where they lead & what they signify in the widest deepest ways? THATS when we encounter anomalies which when we make sense of them the whole universe opens up. Tricky stuff though as we indicate. The inner matter of truth is in it & these patterns will apply & deepen everything. What's completely clear is that we can't leave it to A.I. as Brian indicates. We have to stay grounded in our selves & our physicality. Books its been said (& not just by Brian) are extraordinary pieces of technology that aid memory & comprehension in similar ways that studies have shown writing does compared to typing. How wildly untrustworthy is AI at pattern recognition? Zuckerberg hinted at it when he told congress, "We don't understand the decision making processes of AI" If you want to know how mind blowing the truth is underlying that (NOT hyperbole) This article from the Guardian makes it more then clear >



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